Rauner: No Tax on Retirement Income

Feb 15, 2017

Governor Bruce Rauner is finally weighing in on a bipartisan deal meant to end Illinois’ budget stalemate.
He shot down a key component of the compromise.

Rauner was kept out of the Senate negotiations from the start. He has since praised them in general, but refused to get into specifics. Until now.

In his budget speech to the General Assembly, Rauner says he does support expanding the state sales tax to cover more services — but says he opposes taxing groceries and drugs.

“We can find a way to balance the budget without hurting low-income families and fixed-income seniors."

Rauner also suggested an increase in the income tax “could be stepped down” over time. The Senate plan has called for a permanent increase.

Rank-and-file Senate Republicans have repeatedly indicated they’re not yet satisfied with the deal. That’s caused Democrats to grow impatient.