Rauner pushes to reduce number of local governments in Illinois

Jan 5, 2016

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner wants to reduce the number of local governments in the state.    One of Rauner’s first acts as governor was to form a new committee.  Its mission: to consolidate the number of governments since Illinois has more than any other state.  Those governments include townships, school districts, and fire districts.

Rauner says all that adds up for taxpayers, but he’s expecting to meet some resistance.

"An entity of government is a political power base. It is. That’s just true. It’s an opportunity for cronyism, for patronage, for a pension, for favoritism."

Rauner’s committee is also recommending local governments should be able to choose what they collectively bargain with labor unions, which has been a big point of contention among legislative leaders in Springfield.