Re-Marking Illinois Original Northern Boundary

May 15, 2018

The area of Plano, Sandwich and Yorkville looks as though it points to the original northern board of Illinois.
Credit Google Maps

  YORKVILLE, Ill. - Officials in northeast Illinois have approved plans for a historical marker to commemorate the original location of the state's northern boundary.


The aluminum cast marker will be installed in Yorkville's Town Square Park this summer.


Alice Fellers of Crystal Lake created the idea when she was researching a project for the Illinois Bicentennial and found the original marker between Plano and Sandwich was missing. She says the original border would've put the Chicago area in Wisconsin.


The marker will tell the story of how Illinois U.S. Rep. Nathaniel Pope introduced an amendment that pushed the border further north and gave the state access to Lake Michigan.


Fellers is donating $3,400 to fund the marker. Yorkville will be responsible for maintenance.