Readjusting the aim of Don't Shoot

Apr 9, 2013

  The Peoria Police Department is getting a new assistant police chief. The goal is to free-up time for Chief Steve Settingsgaard to administer the Don’t Shoot Peoria program. That means the vacant Don’t Shoot Law Enforcement Coordinator position is being reallocated to fund the assistant chief position. Chief Settingsgaard says it makes sense for him to hold the responsibility of coordinating the cross-agency business of Don’t Shoot. He says, “It has to be somebody who can walk into the office of the State’s Attorney, has to be able to walk into the Sheriff’s office and essentially say something they don’t want to hear. It may be ‘you’re not doing something correctly’ or ‘you dropped the ball on an item’ or ‘you need to pick this up.’ As the author has explained it me personally it has to be someone with that kind of standing.” The Peoria City Council overwhelmingly approved the move. It restores the assistant chief position that was cut in 2009.  The council also approved its portion of a 75-thousand dollar contract with John Jay College in New York. The bare bones contract provides the city some basic technical support from the Center for Crime Prevention at the school. ‘Don’t Shoot’ author David Kennedy is the Director of the John Jay College Crime Prevention Center. The contract also takes 35-thousand dollars from the city’s Resident Officer program and leaves the South side resident officer position vacant at least until next year. No officers were interested in taking the South side placement.