Recreating Lincoln's funeral procession

Apr 3, 2013

A group that plans to recreate Abraham Lincoln's funeral procession says there's plenty of work left to do.

The 2015 Lincoln Funeral Coalition says it hopes to travel the entire route from Washington D.C. to Springfield, which still needs approval from the Illinois and federal Departments of Transportation.

The organization, based out of Springfield, says it also has to raise $750,000 to cover expenses.The event will mark 150 years since Lincoln was assassinated. Chairman Katie Spindell says she's confident it will result in Illinois seeing millions of dollars' worth of economic activity. “We use this example. If it were 10-thousand people that came here for three days, the economic impact of that is three million dollars. We are currently looking at several thousand Civil War re-enactors alone," says Spindell. Spindell says the procession will be in Springfield on the weekend of May 2nd and 3rd, 2015.