Red Cross shifting focus in recovery efforts following November tornadoes

Dec 2, 2013

The Red Cross says it's expanding its focus for recovery efforts in Central Illinois following last month's devastating tornadoes. Red Cross Communications Director Erin Miller says the initial focus following the storm damage was for getting victims food, water and shelter. 

She says now the organization is continuing to find out the un-met needs of individual families:

"To be able to find out, you know, what is the situation? What resources do they have? Is it a family that has insurance? Because we know that if somebody has insurance, that typically they are going to bounce back quicker than someone who doesn't."

Miller says 700 Red Cross volunteers helped in recovery efforts statewide.  A telethon fundraiser at WTVP last month raised nearly $900,000 for recovery.  Miller says that money will help pay for less visible costs like emotional support, casework and technology expenses.