Reliving Lincoln's funeral


Illinois is nearing the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination.  A group based in Springfield says it wants to give people a chance to relive the experience of Lincoln’s funeral. 

Springfield Mayor Mike Houston says thousands could come to Illinois for the anniversary - and not just from the United States.

“We need to remember that Mr. Lincoln is also revered throughout the world,” Houston says.

The 2015 Lincoln Funeral Coalition wants to precede that by recreating Lincoln's funeral procession from Washington D.C. to Springfield. Chairman Katie Spindell says approval of the plan is still needed from the Illinois and federal Departments of Transportation. Spindell says while a replica train and funeral car have been built, a replica of Lincoln's body will not be used.

“We have to do this in such a way that it is dignified. And to even pretend that we have a body in there, I don't think that would be appropriate for any child or our visitors,” says Spindell.

The procession is scheduled to be in Springfield on the first weekend of May 2015. Spindell says 750-thousand dollars will be needed to fund the event. She says she's optimistic it can be raised through private donations.