Relocating the LST 325 talks continue

Jun 18, 2014

Credit Peoria Public Radio

More than 30 people showed up at a meeting on the Peoria Riverfront last night to learn about potentially relocating the LST 325 to the area. The City of Peoria is considering bidding to relocate the World War II Navy Ship from Evansville Indiana. 

It’s estimated to cost $1.5 million and about $50 thousand annually to operate. Conceptual drawings show possible docking places including directly behind The River Station, utilizing part of the existing facility for the ticket office and museum. The second is between the Riverplex and the I-74 bridge, but would require more construction. 

Assistant City Manager Chris Setti says the LST would integrate well into Peoria’s riverfront.

“It draws a different group of folks who may also be interested in what our downtown has to offer.  So we think there is a real spill over effect to things like the Peoria Riverfront Museum and the Caterpillar Visitor’s center.  And the relationship goes both ways.  The people who might be coming to town to see the Riverfront museum will also go see the LST.  The might stick around and have lunch or dinner or spend the night in a hotel.”

Most people are voicing support of the relocation, but disagreed on the best location. Others are concerned it has no real authenticity to the community and could be detrimental to the continued development of the Warehouse District.

A survey is available to gage the public interest in having the LST in Peoria.