Rep. Wojcicki Jimenez Not Seeking Reelection

Aug 21, 2017
Originally published on August 21, 2017 5:10 am

Another Illinois legislator will not be seeking re-election.

State Rep. Sara Wojcicki Jimenez is from Leland Grove, near Springfield.

She was among the Republicans who defied Governor Bruce Rauner — helping Democrats pass Illinois' first budget in two years.

That meant voting for a tax increase, which Jimenez says resulted in angry calls and messages — and even threats.

“We’ve got to condemn the unacceptable behavior," Jimenez said in a telephone interview. "We’ve got to keep pushing back on that. Because we don’t want to have this be a job that nobody wants to do."

Jimenez is leaving the House after less than two terms.

She's among 11 Republicans and eight Democrats who are retiring, running for higher office, or just finding another line of work.

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