Replacing Taft Homes a top PHA priority for 2014

Jan 9, 2014

The Peoria Housing Authority is hoping for some help in building new variety of housing to replace Taft Homes. It's the highest priority of the agency's 2014 goals. 

The goal is to build up to six new apartment complexes throughout the city to accommodate the more than 200 housing units at Taft. The board this month is submitting a request for proposals seeking a co-developer in the effort.

Housing Authority C-E-O Brenda Coates says the partner would help develop the first phase of the project, amounting to 80 apartments. “From there, we would have to move forward to determine how are we going to address the remaining units that are still on-site. So, there’s a lot to still be worked out with that.”

Coates says the P-H-A is looking to replace all 216 units at Taft. She says other goals for 2014 include tearing down the old office at Harrison Homes to make way for new construction.

 The authority also has a goal to maintain a 98-percent occupancy rate at all of its apartment complexes.