Representative Ford pleads guilty of misdemeanor

Aug 4, 2014

Federal prosecutors in Chicago have dropped almost all charges against a sitting Illinois politician. State Representative LaShawn Ford pleaded guilty Monday to a misdemeanor charge of lying on his taxes.  

Prosecutors originally alleged that Ford lied about using loan money to rehab homes. But all those charges were dropped Monday. Instead, Ford pleaded guilty to a much lesser charge stemming from 2007. 

The reduced charge means the Chicago Democrat can keep his seat in the Illinois House of Representatives.

Ford’s defense attorney is Tom Durkin, who praises prosecutors for not pursuing the original case, since they usually win when they indict politicians.

"I’m going to take my wins where I find them and I’m not going to gloat. I’m telling you this is a good resolution of a very difficult case."

Ford is scheduled to be sentenced later this year. He spoke briefly to reporters, praising his attorney. Ford says as a black man from Chicago’s West Side he’s seen defense attorneys who don’t always listen to their clients, but his attorney did listen to him.