Republican candidate for governor proposing new sales taxes

Jul 17, 2014

The Republican candidate for Illinois governor has some new details about what he’d do if elected.  Bruce Rauner Thursday, announced he wants to roll back the income tax, and in exchange, create dozens of new sales taxes. 

Rauner says Illinois has a big picture problem.  And too often, politicians only think of the next budget cycle.

"We can’t tax our way out of any problem. We’ve got to grow our way out of our problem. We’ve got to make the structural changes now. And the sooner we make them, the more revenue we’ll have over the long-term."

Rauner’s proposing new taxes on a variety of services: chartered flights, public relations agencies, interior decorating, and mini-storage facilities.

On the flip side, he wants to roll back the income tax and require that any new property tax hikes must be approved by voters.

The Democratic incumbent Pat Quinn calls Rauner’s plan “A terrible idea.”  Quinn has proposed keeping the income tax rate at a higher percent.