Republican candidate for Il Attorney General begins attacks on incumbent

May 22, 2014

Attorney General Lisa Madigan's Republican opponent says the incumbent is too entrenched in Democratic Party politics. Paul Schimpf, a former military prosecutor, says that's made Madigan unwilling to go after corruption in her own party.

He says Madigan's focus on consumer and child protection is admirable, but that Illinois needs a top lawyer who would take on corruption.

"The Attorney General's office has over 600 lawyers. I would at least have the lawyer who wrote the press release about keeping television sets affixed to the wall — I would have that lawyer working on anti-corruption.

But Madigan's campaign says Schimpf is ignoring what the state Constitution says the attorney general is allowed to do.

Schimpf faces considerable odds against Madigan. The Democrat overwhelmingly defeated her last two opponents by margins of more than two-to-one.