Republican Gov. candidates open to more nuclear facilities

Feb 4, 2014

The Republican candidates for Illinois governor say they are open to adding nuclear facilities in the state.

  Illinois has six operating nuclear facilities - and produces more energy from nuclear power than any other state.

  There’s a moratorium in place barring the state from adding more facilities.

  All four Republican candidates for governor say at the very least - they’re open to constructing more nuclear power plants.

  Here’s Treasurer Dan Rutherford at a debate Tuesday - followed by State Senator Bill Brady.

  RUTHERFORD: I would definitely be open to lifting the limited numbers.

BRADY: I don’t have to be open to it. We need to lift the ban. I mean, this wish-washy type of politics doesn’t cut it. We need leadership. Bold leadership.

  State Senator Kirk Dillard also wants the ban lifted.

  Venture capitalist Bruce Rauner says he wants the topic on the table to lower energy costs.