Request for national DCFS director search

Feb 27, 2014

Some Illinois politicians want Governor Pat Quinn to conduct a national search for the next director of the state’s child welfare system.

Governor Quinn is once again searching for a director of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services.

MORRISON: This is an agency that has been very well documented as having a lot of problems, a lot of concerns.

State Senator Julie Morrison - from Chicago’s Northern suburbs - led several Senate hearings last year into the high number of child deaths from abuse or neglect.  She says she doesn’t know if this year’s election for governor will complicate the selection process.

MORRISON: We’ve had a rotating door, unfortunately, in the last several months in this department. So it’s been hard for any leadership to gain traction.

Arthur Bishop resigned this week after serving a month as director.  His resignation came after WBEZ and Sun-Times reports - showing he’d pleaded guilty to stealing from clients of his former employer…And fathered a daughter who said he never took care of her.

The previous full-time director died of cancer in December.