Rev. Jesse Jackson on government shutdown

Oct 8, 2013

The Reverend Jesse Jackson had some tough words for House Republicans over the government shutdown Tuesday. IPR'S Alex Keefe reports.

CHANTS: Call the vote! 

Jackson and a few dozen protesters want House Speaker John Boehner to call a vote on a “clean” funding bill with no conditions attached. Jackson even likened House Republicans to Civil War Confederates.

"In many ways the tea party is the Fort Sumter tea party. It’s a 150-year-old idea that a few people could use their power to stifle the more perfect union."

Neal Archester says he’s been working at the Social Security office without pay while his wife is on furlough from the IRS.

"Our mortgage hasn’t been paid yet. The utility bills are coming due soon. And so, it’s - it’s really rough."

The shutdown’s now in its eighth day with no clear solution in sight.