Revamped Peoria County law library opens doors

Mar 20, 2013

The law library and help center at the Peoria County Courthouse is officially re-opened following nearly $33,000 in renovations. Michael Brandt is the Chief Judge of the 10th Judicial Circuit. He says the renovations helped make it easier for people to use legal resources:


  “There was very limited access for persons in wheelchairs and otherwise to get to the computer terminals.  We’ve changed that now, you can see that the room is much more open and access to those terminals. and we’ve obviously concentrated these days to more of a web-site research,” Brandt says.

 Brandt says the library still has bookshelves on the center’s upper level.  The center also has new paint and new carpet. Brandt says people who use the law library and self-help center don’t need to be experts in law.  He says the center is always staffed with an attorney to answer questions.