Reverand Jesse Jackson speaks about son

Nov 8, 2013

The Reverend Jesse Jackson says he has not visited since his son reported to federal prison late last month. Former Congressman Jesse Jackson Junior is serving two-and-a-half years in North Carolina. He was convicted of corruption for spending 750-thousand dollars of his campaign fund on personal spoils.

"Well his health has been recovering and that has been, as father, the most important thing to me. He has been diligent in doing his work. And I have nothing further to say about that."

The civil rights leader was in Springfield Thursday to give the customary prayer at the start of the General Assembly's daily session.  He went on to get involved with a push by African-American legislators to block a proposal that would increase prison sentences for certain gun crimes.  The Black Caucus says that will land more minorities behind bars.

Reverend Jackson says he plans to convene a statewide summit, with a goal of drafting a comprehensive plan to deal with what he calls an "urban crisis", and a "prison industrial complex" agenda.