Richerson out as PRM President and CEO

May 16, 2013

Jim Richerson is no longer running the Peoria Riverfront Museum. The announcement comes after the Museum failed to provide Peoria County with contractually required financial information. Peoria County voters approved a quarter of one percent sales tax increase to build the museum in 2009.

The County’s contract with PRM requires it share audited financial statements, current fiscal year budget and other tax-forms with Peoria County. The contract language was set-up to be a taxpayer safeguard. PRM Board President Dave Ransburg says the group is late with the 2012 audit and the board is apologizing with the promise to deliver. 

DAVE RANSBURG: “It’s now been approved by our board. We will make copies available to them along with what’s called a 990, a federal document. And so we’ll meet with them, sometime between the 20th and the 28th, maybe the regular meeting. And we will share everything we are supposed to give them we’ll make sure we have it and also share our financial results. So a lot is going to happen in the next couple of weeks maybe we’ll have a second press conference and share that with you all.”  

Ransburg stopped short of saying Richerson’s departure has anything to do the financial reporting. Richerson blamed the late reports on the transition from Lakeview to the new PRM for the delay. Richerson was the President and CEO of Lakeview for 12 years before the transition to the Peoria Riverfront Museum that opened last fall. Debbie Ritschel is the interim President and CEO of the facility.