Rick Perry aims to lure away IL businesses

Apr 22, 2013

The governor of Texas is messing with Illinois, or at least he's trying to. Rick Perry is in Chicago this week, in part to try to lure companies to relocate to Texas.  IPR’s Brian Mackey has more: 

 Perry's visit comes after a radio ad campaign on four Chicago stations. He urges Illinois businesses to "get out while there's still time."

 "The escape route leads straight to Texas, where limited government, low taxes, and a pro-business environment are creating more jobs than any other state."

 Illinois officials took issue with Perry's tone.  Governor Pat Quinn says Perry's a big talker.  And Treasurer Dan Rutherford, a Republican, says Illinois is a good place to do business, though it can stand to improve.

 "I think a part of the questions that many people have -- and particularly some of our larger corporations -- isn't as much as what our tax structure is today, but what our tax structure will be tomorrow." Asked whether he thought the state's temporary income tax increase would have to be made permanent, Rutherford would only say it depends on what the General Assembly and governor do in the current legislative session.I'm Brian Mackey.