Rita Crundwell's assets all sold

May 16, 2013

Federal marshals have finished selling all the known assets of Rita Crundwell. IPR’S Jenna Dooley has more:

The former Dixon comptroller is now serving a federal prison sentence for embezzling nearly $53 million from the city. Last week, marshals sold Crundwell’s final three assets, including two vehicles and a trailer. 

In all, it took about a year to sell off all of Crundwell's personal belongings. That included hundreds of horses, five pieces of real estate, and high-end jewelry. 

According to estimates from the U.S. Marshals Service, the city of Dixon will only recover about $10 million taken from the city's coffers over the last two decades. Even though Crundwell’s belongings have been sold, Jason Wojdylo, with the U.S. Marshals Service, says it's not case closed.

“We believe we have identified most of the assets, but if we determine that there are assets out there that we have not been made aware of, we will continue to pursue those. This case essentially will never be closed.”

Wojdylo says the first part of the process was not exactly “smooth sailing” because of the livestock involved. It cost more than a million dollars to care for the horses before they were sold.