Riverfront museum considering offering free visitor parking

Feb 25, 2014

The Peoria Riverfront Museum is considering free deck parking for patrons. That’s the message from museum President Sam Gappmayer. He says he’s also asking the Peoria County museum committee to approve installing an automated parking system at the deck entrance. Gappmayer says the museum is paying five-thousand-dollars more to pay a staff member to collect parking fees versus what it brings in:

“So right now we’re losing money, so if we can automate and become more efficient…I guess we could automate and continue to change and maybe make a little money. But I would rather offset those and create an amenity for our visitors and go cost neutral on the thing and be more welcoming to the people that come down and visit the museums.”

Gappmayer says he’s also looking at allowing employees to park in the deck. That would require the County Board to change the museum lease operating agreement. Gappmayer says the museum pays 30-thousand-dollars each year for staff to park outside the deck and allow more room for patrons.