Road work zones return

Apr 15, 2013

  It’s time for drivers to start seeing orange on the roads. Work Zone Awareness is the state campaign by I-DOT, The Illinois State Police and Governor Quinn. The trio of interests joined up at the Morton I-DOT facility to kick-off the campaign and the I-74 &1-55 interchange project. I-DOT Secretary of Transportation Ann Schneider says the 93-million dollar project is the largest in central Illinois. Secretary Schneider says “It’s very important as we stand here today ready to kick off this major project we are getting ready to deliver to the Morton area, for motorist to remember that as you enter a work zone you need to be aware of what’s going on around you.” The state had 19 fatalities in work zones last year, two were road workers. The I-1-55 & 74 Interchange project is part of the Jobs Now capital program. It’s expected to produce nearly 440-thousand jobs in the state over six years. It is also considered one of the largest capital investment plans in the nation.