Rockford Rep. Supports Legislative Black Caucus Call For Budget

Dec 22, 2015
Originally published on December 22, 2015 12:50 pm

A Rockford-area lawmaker is part of a group of Illinois legislators calling for budget relief for groups in need.

Many lawmakers and social service organizations have been sounding the alarm.

But this month, members of the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus called for an end to the budget impasse. They want support for financial aid for college and after-school programs.

Rockford representative Litesa Wallace is a member of the caucus.

“We are disproportionately impacted obviously because we are disproportionately connected to poverty and so we have really been working together with everyone to try and realize the fact that these are human lives that are impacted by the numbers on the paper.”

Governor Bruce Rauner and legislative leaders aren’t expected to meet again until next year.

Illinois has been without a state budget since the summer.

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