Rutherford says employee making allegations

Jan 31, 2014

Illinois Treasurer Dan Rutherford says one of his employees has made allegations against him.  But he won’t say anything more than that.

 In a bizarre and downright confusing news conference in Chicago Friday morning - Treasurer Rutherford said accusations have been made against him by a current employee.

 Reporters repeatedly asked what are the accusations…

 But Rutherford said he can’t discuss personnel issues.  Rutherford did say the employee wants cash to keep it quiet.

 He alleges his Republican primary opponent for governor - Bruce Rauner - is behind the whole thing.

 RUTHERFORD: You put these dots together. There’s no question in my mind what’s going on here. Someone tried to get $300,000 and is being represented by an attorney that was on Bruce Rauner’s payroll.

 A spokesman for Rauner’s campaign says that attorney was hired for legal advice about a lease.  And sent emails showing Rutherford’s own attorney recommended her to their campaign.