Sales tax revenue a topic for Peoria museum, county officials

Apr 26, 2013

Peoria County voters approved a one percent sales tax increase to build the Peoria Riverfront museum in 2009.  Peoria Public Radio’s Alex Rusciano reports that both Peoria County Board members and the museum’s president have seemingly different views on dollars generated from the tax:
County Board member Steve Morris says museum president Jim Richerson brought up the quarter cent sales tax in March:

 “I made it clear to him that I did not think the public facility sales tax was intended for anything other than to pay for the cost of building the building, meaning that there would not be an operational subsidy,” Morris says.

 The sales tax revenue can only be used for public facility improvement efforts.  Richerson says he brought up the sales tax in a broader context:

 “Now as we go on, clearly...the vitality is not just about the building but who can come into the building and looking at how we can continue, is there a way to continue this partnership going forward,” Richerson says. 

 The sales tax discussion comes at a time that County officials say the museum is late in turning over financial documents and should be more transparent.  Richerson says the museum is aiming to share its audited financial statements and other tax forms with the county by May 15th.