Schock on the State of the Union

Jan 29, 2014

18th District Congressman Aaron Schock says he liked the President’s comments on tax reform. 

The Peoria Republican says the Ways and Means Committee held more than 30 bipartisan committee hearings on tax reform. Schock says its a no-brainer to get rid of a 70-thousand-page tax code and reduce the loopholes...

“and flatten the rate so it makes America more competitive. It makes the cost of compliance and fear of audit diminished. And at the end of the day the White House and House Republicans agree it will create millions of jobs. The White House budget office says it will create multiple millions of jobs over the next decade just by lowering the rate.”

Schock also praised the President’s comments on Trade Preference Authority. He says that’s necessary to clear the way for future trade agreements that will support business expansion for companies like Caterpillar. Cat CEO Doug Oberhelman was Schock’s guest for the State of the Union Address. 

Congressman Schock is also weighing in on the idea of raising the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour. 

The Peoria Republican says about 2-percent of the total work force makes minimum wage. 

“And most of that two percent is under the age of 25. They’re entry level positions. They’re people working part-time. They’re college kids. They’re kids in high school whose jobs require a lot of training. A minimum wage is a starting wage. A minimum wage is not a living wage... And if we wanted to create a living wage $10 an hour isn’t sufficient.” 

Schock says the minimum wage is for somebody just starting out in their career. He say there should be more policies that create growth in society, rather than artificially lifting the cost of labor through minimum wage.