Schock talks of defining 'The Path ... '

Aug 7, 2013

  Peoria Congressman Aaron Schock is among more than 20 other House Republicans pivoting on immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship. 

The 18th District Congressman kicked-off a 14-day listening tour this week. When asked about the best way to provide a path to citizenship without skipping the line, Schock says first "there must be a secure border, and I think when that happens, and people have paid their back taxes and they haven’t violated any laws and they’ve been here for a probationary period, they can apply for citizenship and go to the back of the line.”

Schock says he’s expressed support for immigration reform since first running for Congress in 2007. 

Schock says the system is broken and does not serve national security, employers, law abiding immigrants or the guest workers needed in the U-S economy. The Republican congressman says his goal is to support legislation that addresses those issues. He says a vote on such a legislative proposal could come as early as this fall.