Schock tours flood-damaged areas

Apr 22, 2013

Congressman Aaron Schock says he's concerned about the ability of Peoria, Pekin and East Peoria to withstand impending flood waters. The Illinois River is expected to crest at Peoria at 30 feet and a half feet. That could go higher if more rains swell the river. Schock says he's confident federal funds will be available once the damage is done:

 "There will be federal disaster assistance because the state of Illinois has already declared state disaster areas. Once the flood occurs, the Illinois delegation has already signed a letter the Governor will use with all congressmen in Illinois in support of federal disaster assistance."

 Schock says the situation is different in Illinois than what eastern seabord residents faced during Superstorm Sandy last fall. He says that required additional appropriations during critically-sensitive budget negotiations. Schock helped fill sandbags in Chillicothe over the weekend. The rumored-GOP candidate for governor has nothing but praise for the way Governor Quinn has handled flooding in Illinois so far.