Schock's DC staffer resigns after racist comments

Feb 5, 2015

A top spokesman for U.S. Representative Aaron Schock has resigned.

Benjamin Cole resigned following reports of racially-charged posts on Cole’s Facebook page. The liberal political blog published excerpts from what it says in a video from Cole’s Facebook page in 2013.

The video from Cole compares two African Americans in the video to zoo animals.

  Congressman Schock says he is extremely disappointed in the inexcusable and offensive online comments and asked for Cole’s resignation.

The comments follow a Washington Post report that cite Cole trying to shut down coverage on free decorating work in Schock’s D.C. office. That’s also prompted a request for the Office of Congressional Ethics to look into the free decorating as a violation of House Rules. Schock says he intends to pay the decorating company for the work.