School Board OKs transferring Charter Oak principal

Jan 27, 2014

The District 150 School Board removed a principal from his duties at a primary school amid an investigation into state test practices. Peoria Public Radio’s Alex Rusciano reports two teachers at Charter Oak Primary School will also get re-assigned:

The board voted to transfer principal John Wetterauer to another building. He will keep the same salary, but his future duties are unclear. A district investigation says Wetterauer allegedly failed to report spikes in the Illinois Standards Achievement Test scores for special education students. More than 100 parents and teachers turned out to oppose the move, including Charter Oak parent Brenda Wilson:

“If you're interested in seeing someone succeed at their job and you're a supportive administration, you make sure that they have what they need to fulfill for their staff. Give them the tools.”

Wilson also spoke out against the re-assignment, and effective probation, of two Charter Oak teachers involved in the alleged testing irregularities. District 150 School Board president Rick Cloyd says the Board’s decision isn’t popular, but necessary:

“From what we can tell, the rest of the district does do a good job at training.  That’s the issue.  That’s the point. We have a protocol, we have training for principals, and the principals are supposed to train their staff."

The state board of education is now looking into the matter. The Peoria Federation of Teachers is expected to file a grievance against the re-assignment of the two teachers, Debroah Lowe and Joan Schifeling.