Senate Democrats to meet on concealed-carry legislation

May 27, 2013

Senate Democrats are planning to meet Monday to figure out how to respond to concealed-carry legislation passed by the House on Friday.

Senate President John Cullerton says he is “violently opposed” to the House proposal which not only allows concealed carry, but eliminates ALL local guns ordinances throughout Illinois. Cullerton says he plans to advance legislation that incorporates much of what passed the House without pre-empting local rules, and with what he called a few other "minor changes."

Senator Kwame Raoul, a Democrat from Chicago, says he hopes to completely ban guns from places that sell alcohol.

“Somebody can still get drunk in that establishment and you know what happens when people get drunk. They get liquid courage, they get into altercations, and if they have a gun on their hip, things can quickly escalate into some messy situations.”

The House legislation would only ban firearms from establishments that earn more than half of their revenue from alcohol sales.