Senators calling for removal of DHFS Director

May 21, 2013

Two groups of lawmakers in the Illinois Senate are urging Governor Pat Quinn to replace the director of the Department of Healthcare and Family Services. Members of the African-American and Latino caucuses say Director Julie Hamos’ priority lies with cutting the budget  instead of offering medical services for the disadvantaged.

Democratic Senator Donne Trotter of Chicago calls Hamos’ methods “elitist” and says as a former Democratic state representative, she's betrayed her party’s roots.

 “The things that we do as a Democratic party – taking care of the most vulnerable people during the most vulnerable of times – she threw that whole notion out the window. Her thing is ‘it’s more important to save money than it is to save lives.'”

Quinn has endorsed massive cuts to the state's program of healthcare for the poor. The governor’s office says Hamos is a “dedicated public servant” who still has Quinn’s support. Hamos has been director since 20-10.