Seniors deliver petition to Schock

Jun 3, 2013

More than a dozen seniors rallied outside Congressman Aaron Schock’s office in hopes of urging him to improve his voting record on senior issues. The Alliance for Retired Americans delivered petitions to the Republican’s office calling on Schock to oppose proposals that would change the way cost of living adjustments are calculated for veterans and social security benefits. 

Tom Bencher is a veteran of the Vietnam War. He says reducing benefits would be detrimental as soldiers continue to come back from serving overseas.

"You put them in harm’s way to fight your battle. They come back disabled, maybe missing limbs, and they spend the rest of their life like that for doing something for you and you’re going to take away the benefits that they deserve? I can’t believe they would do that to their own."

The Alliance for Retired Americans also released a report saying Congressman Schock scored a zero on the group’s 2012 voting record. The voting record assesses members of Congress on 10 House and Senate Votes which include issues important to seniors.