Sewer rates to increase for Peoria residents

Jan 29, 2014

Sewer rates are increasing again for Peoria residents. The rate increase starts May first. It’s part of a multi-year step increase established to cover debt service on the City’s Sewer Rehabilitation Program. 

The increase will mean a nearly 8-percent bump for those living generally south of War Memorial Drive and three percent more for those living North of it. That will mean approximately fifteen dollars more a year for the average home below War Memorial Drive and less than seven for those above the dividing line. Those north of War Memorial Drive however already pay slightly more than those living south of it. Sewer rates will also be increased next year. 

This round of fee increases does not account for the remediation plan the City is currently negotiating with the U.S. EPA. That is anticipated to be an expense in excess of  a hundred million dollars. It will likely need to be completed in 15 to 20 years after the settlement plan is reached. 

The Peoria City Council also deferred for a month deciding whether to annex about 35 more acres of Unincorporated Peoria County. Tim Funk lives on route 91 near the area. He’s opposed to the mixed-use rezoning request packaged with the annexation proposal. 

" All around us is the single family dwelling and the single family is what was proposed in the city plan and we now are concerned that all of a sudden, this sale has come up pending and that this rezoning is being requested."

The petitioner is asking to have about half the property zoned for general commercial, hotels and multi-family residential. Attorney Bob Hall represents Doctor Jujjavarapu who is preparing to purchase the property. Hall says the zoning request is to establish guidelines with the city: 

"Those guidelines are the type of mixed use we're talking about. If we can't reach some understanding on that, I'm not so sure that there will be anything accomplished."

The property is near the site of the proposed Louisville Slugger Sports Complex. Hall says it’s a potentially beneficial development, but it was not on the horizon when the annexation and zoning request started.