SIU holding the line on tuition

Apr 18, 2014

New students at Southern Illinois University won’t see a tuition increase this fall. SIU Trustees made the decision at their meeting in Carbondale Thursday, saying the rising price of higher education must be balanced with students’ ability to pay.

Trustee Chair Randal Thomas says while the Board considered a proposal that would have raised tuition for incoming students by three-percent in Carbondale and five-percent in Edwardsville, they ultimately decided to hold the line:

“The Board’s discussion was that there was no traction whatsoever for raising tuition at this time – especially in this period of transition with a new President coming onboard. We’ll have new models of management and a new strategic vision to work with beginning this summer,” says Thomas.

Randy Dunn will take over as SIU President May first. Retiring President Glenn Poshard says the state has abdicated its responsibility for funding higher education in Illinois, and he understands sacrifices must be made to keep college affordable:

“A lot of that has fallen upon the backs of students. I’m not going to fault the Board, for thinking that between the two situations, we fall in favor of the students. But not having enough operating funds also has a severe impact on students, as well as faculty, and the entire system,” says Poshard.

Trustees will consider proposals for fee increases at their meeting in May. Poshard and other leaders are warning that without an extension of the state’s income tax increase, dramatic cuts could be on the horizon at schools all over Illinois.