SIU President stepping down

Apr 17, 2014

SIU's President is retiring sooner than expected. Glenn Poshard will step aside at the end of this month:

“I am either the luckiest guy in the world, or the most blessed."

Those words from Glenn Poshard, as he thanked his staff, students, faculty and family in his last Board of Trustees meeting as President of the SIU System.

Incoming President Randy Dunn will take the helm May first, roughly two months after he was selected as Poshard’s successor. Poshard says he’s already begun meeting with Dunn for the transition, and is ready to help SIU move into its next chapter:

“I love this university. I’ve spent a good deal of my life here. I have to think in terms of what’s best for this university. Is it better that I hang on as President for another two months at the end of my career, or that we give Dr. Dunn the opportunity to start his career here early? There’s no question about where that balance falls,” says Poshard.

Poshard’s retirement was announced last summer.

Randy Dunn left Youngstown State University to take this job, and has previously served as President of Murray State University and as the Illinois State Superintendent of Education. He also spent time as a Professor and Chair in SIU Carbondale’s College of Education and Human Services.