Some post-Christmas consumer advice

Dec 26, 2013

If you got a present this holiday season you weren’t quite expecting, the Better Business Bureau in St. Louis wants you to remember that stores aren’t required to accept returns. Chris Thetford is the vice president of communications for the St. Louis B.B.B. He says stores are only required to take back merchandise that is defective, though most retailers do allow returns in other situations. Thetford’s first piece of advice? Returns are easier with a gift receipt.

“Also, find out whether the return policies apply to items that were on sale or on clearance, and ask about whether there are any restocking fees associated with any returns that you might be making.”

Thetford is also reminding shoppers to be patient when making returns. He says avoid going on December 26th if possible. If you can’t, go earlier or later in the day.