Special session on pension reform begins today

Jun 19, 2013

Members of Illinois' General Assembly return to the capitol Wednesday for a special session on pensions where they're expected to pass off the problem to a yet another legislative committee. IPR'S Amanda Vinicky reports.

What to do about Illinois' $100 billion pension debt has confounded legislators for years.

The most recent barrier: the House and Senate as well as the chambers' respective leaders are fixated on different plans.  So they've agreed to a new approach they're putting in motion today. The House and Senate will each send five members, three Democrats and two Republicans, to a joint, "conference committee."

"And hopefully the people appointed to the conference committee, will be able to strike a compromise on the issue."

That's House Speaker Mike Madigan ... who says he won't personally serve on it.

"I want others to share in the glory."

But that raises the question - who WILL be on the committee, and where will their loyalties lie?