Speed limit increasing on interstate highways, with some exceptions

Jan 2, 2014

The speed limit on most interstate highways in Illinois is increasing to 70 miles per hour starting this month. But there are some exceptions. The speed limit is, for example, still 65 mph on Interstate 74 through Peoria and for a portion of I-55 around Springfield.

Dustin Pierce is an Illinois State Police Trooper in District Eight.  He says troopers issued more than 37-hundred speeding tickets last year.  Pierce says even though the speed limit is going up, the threshold for driving at excessive speeds is going down:

"People always feel that, you know, they can go faster than what the posted speed limit is, and I can tell you that the state police's tolerance will be less for that as well. So, even though it's 70, they're not going to be able to go much over that. They're going to get issued a citation."

Pierce says the new limits for excessive speeding include going 26 miles an hour or more above the limit.  He says that could mean up to six months in jail and a 15-hundred dollar fine.  Pierce says anyone driving more than 34 miles an hour over the limit could get up to a year in jail and a 25-hundred-dollar fine.

A ban on hand-held cell phones is also in effect this month.