Springdale Cemetery getting new signage

Jul 22, 2013

Springdale Cemetery is working to offer more multimedia information on the historic burial ground. The cemetery Management Authority is getting new signs. Converse Marketing is doing the design work. The Authority is updating the cemetery map to put on the back of every sign. Springdale Authority Chair Bob Manning says the signs are a good way to promote the cemetery:

“There are a lot of people who have lived their whole life in Peoria and have never been in Springdale Cemetery. We want to get people here because if they see what’s here, if they see the history of Peoria here, we think they’ll get excited about Springdale. They may even entertain the idea of this being their final resting place.”

The new signs will cover major attractions in the historic burial ground, as well as displaying information about upcoming events. The signs may also include scan codes for smartphones linking to media about the cemetery. The new signs are expected to be up this fall. The Springdale website is also getting some new video additions.

In other Springdale news, the search for a new General Manager continues. Manning says the cemetery is taking resumes and the search committee is preparing to narrow the candidate field for interviews.  Manning says the goal is to select someone to fill the post by Labor Day.