Springdale to participate in annual wreath-laying event

Nov 29, 2013

Springdale Cemetery is asking residents to help honor fallen veterans by underwriting special memorial wreaths for a ceremony next month. Springdale board member Matt Ryan says this is the fifth consecutive year the cemetery has participated in the Wreaths Across America Program. The program places evergreen wreaths on veterans’ graves across the nation. Ryan says the event recognizes those buried who otherwise might not get as much attention:

  “This started in 2007, and this year we hope to make it a much larger event with the public involved and help bring a little more money back to Springdale Cemetery,” Ryan says.  

 Ryan says residents can buy the special wreaths at WreathsAcrossAmerica.org for $15 a piece through Monday. He says residents can help lay the wreaths on veterans’ graves in Springdale Cemetery during a ceremony December 14th.  Money from every wreath purchased will also go to the Springdale Historic Preservation Foundation for monument restoration projects.