Springfield's bishop reacts to papal announcement

Feb 11, 2013

Pope Benedict XVI greets Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield during a Feb. 9, 2012
Credit Catholic Times

In the wake of Pope Benedict XVI's announcement of his resignation, Springfield’s Bishop says the next pope should be a "thinker" who can reach out to other religions and non-believers.  Bishop Thomas John Paprocki says Benedict excelled at that.

"He always cherished that role of being an intellectual and a theologian. And I have a sneaking suspicion that even in retirement he may continue to do that. He loves to write, he loves to play the piano, and he'll have a lot more time to do both now." -Bishop Thomas Paprocki
Paprocki says he’s not surprised Benedict stepped down, given what he calls the pope’s declining health and advanced age. Benedict was 78 when he was elected pope in 2005, one of the oldest in history.  Paprocki says he expects the next pope will be younger.