St. Louis Symphony donates bassoon to central Il school

Feb 3, 2014

A passing wish by a local sixth grader has prompted the St. Louis Symphony to donate a bassoon to the boy's school. Austin Gilley was visiting Powell Hall recently along with his classmates at Marissa Elementary School in central Illinois. The visit was part of a long-term relationship fostered by singer Christine Brewer who once taught at the school. Gilley told Maestro David Robertson that he plays saxophone. As Brewer tells it, the schoolboy THEN said …

"I wanted to play the bassoon, but our school doesn't have a bassoon I could borrow.  And then the kids left and got on the bus and David pulled me aside. He was a little choked up and he said, 'do you think it would be appropriate for me to buy a bassoon for the Marissa school?"

Brewer says the school was thrilled at the prospect and on Tuesday, the entire bassoon section will head to Marissa to meet with the students and donate the brand new bassoon. For now, Austin Gilley will be its player.