State assessing flood damage in Peoria County

May 10, 2013

IEMA Director Jonathon Monken speaks to reporters before touring flood-damaged homes in Chillicothe.
State and federal damage assessment teams are in Peoria County, surveying properties following last month’s severe flooding.  The assessment process is required for area counties to qualify for federal disaster funding.  Jonathon Monken directs the Illinois Emergency Management Agency.  He says residents affected by the flooding shouldn’t wait to clean up properties or file flood insurance:

 “When the assessment teams do get there...expect that they will be asking you questions trying to understand the impact, how quickly it happens, find out where the water levels were in the home, usually there’s marking in the house where you can see it,” Monken says.

 “If you have any pictures that you want to provide them, you're certainly welcome to do that, that always helps.  But if you can make yourself available that’s an important thing.”

 Monken says assessment teams will survey more than 300 homes near Chillicothe through next week.  The state will use the flood-related data to request federal assistance that could allow counties to seek 75-percent reimbursement of eligible costs.