The state Comptroller tours Crittenton Centers

Feb 28, 2014

Illinois Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka visited the Crittenton Center in Peoria Friday. She says she tours non-profits like Crittenton throughout the state to remain connected.

Topinka says it allows her to see the human service based organizations at work. She urges them to contact her office if they are facing hardship or are on the verge of closing due to late payments from the state. Topinka  also prioritizes payments to the agencies. She says she sends their payments as soon as the money comes in and the other state mandated bills are are paid. 

“Like Crittenton here, it just saves and fills a hole in society that is the backbone of the state. And if we don’t have organizations like this, where we allow them to belly up, unless you want to throw these kids on the street, and that’s not a very good alternative, then we have to be supportive and stand with them, ” Topinka says. 

It costs about $5000 a day to operate the Crittenton Centers including the daycare and preschool programs as well as the crisis nursery and sheltering the agency offers. 

Topkinka says her office aims to keep payments to organizations like Crittenton on a three month delayed payment cycle. She says they’ve tried to build in some predictability for the human service nonprofits.