State measure would add jail time for taping violent crime

Jun 5, 2013

People who post internet video of themselves committing violent crimes could start spending more time behind bars.

A proposal on its way to the governor would add up to five extra years in prison for aggravated battery if it’s recorded and put online.  Representative Kelly Cassidy, a Democrat from Chicago, says the measure is in response to a recorded attack near her district last summer that left a father of 12 dead.

 "As we all know, nothing on the Internet ever goes away. This family will be forever victimized by the presence of video evidence of the murder of their father."

 The victim was allegedly punched and then fell, hitting his head on a sidewalk. He was found unconscious hours after the attack, and later died in a hospital.

Cassidy says video shot by someone unrelated to the crime would not be considered for the increased penalties.The legislation cleared the General Assembly without opposition.  It’s awaiting the Governor’s action.