State panel considering new day care rules to combat childhood obesity

Aug 29, 2013

Illinois day care centers might be forced to put away the high fat and sugary snacks.  A plan under consideration is aimed at bringing healthier meals to kids and getting them more exercise.   It's an effort to combat childhood obesity. 

Tom Browning is Director of Nutrition and Wellness Programs at Illinois Action for Children.  He says it's the perfect time to teach kids.

"This is the formative stage where we can start to instill these healthy habits."

The proposal also calls for no chocolate milk, limiting access to juice, and banning TV time for kids under age two.  It also requires at least a couple of outdoor play times each day, weather permitting.   In-home day care providers would be exempt from the rules.

Browning says the changes are becoming more popular, and says many day care centers already have adopted similar guidelines.  Federal reimbursements are available to centers that serving healthy food.A state legislative panel is considering the changes.