State Police May Soon Carry Life-Saving Epinephrine Pens

Aug 12, 2016

An 'epi pen', or epinephrine auto-injector.
Credit Vu Nguyen / Flickr

Illinois State Police go through annual first responder training including the use of CPR, overdose reversal drugs, and now epinephrine auto-injectors. Those are used to treat severe allergic reactions. Master Sergeant Matt Boerwinkle says together these can help officers react before a full medical team can arrive to the scene.

“Those are all steps that increase an individual’s chances of surviving an incident. We want our troopers to have the best training and knowledge and readiness in that area.” -ISP Master Sgt. Matt Boerwinkle

Supporters crafted the proposal after a suburban Chicago teen died last year from a deadly reaction to an unknown allergen.  

Boerwinkle says he expects the auto injectors will be bought in bulk and purchased on contract sometime in the near future.