State Police stress driver safety following winter snowfall

Dec 10, 2013

Winter weather means drivers need to take their time, plan ahead, and give fellow travelers enough room to move.  That’s the message from Illinois State Police Trooper Dustin Pierce.  He says some drivers can cause accidents by crowding other cars of snow plows in winter weather:

 “If you have to go out, driving slow, allowing a lot of extra time is a big thing.  The motorists in Illinois seem to catch on as we go on through the winter a little bit.  But you may be a great driver and you may do well on it, but there’s always other people out there that are not going to. And they could cause you to be in a crash as well,” Pierce says.

 The Peoria-area saw its first significant snowfall of the winter last weekend.  Pierce says troopers responded to 23 crashes on Sunday and Monday morning.  He says residents should pack their vehicles with blankets, gloves and non-perishable food as part of a winter emergency kit.  He says people should also invest in working windshield wipers and snow tires.